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Hello! We are introducing the AT THE MAGIC BOUTIQUE story! Links to buy our Salem wristlet can be found throughout the narration. What is this? Just a way to shop online that is more fun than a boring “BUY NOW” button πŸ™‚ Enjoy and embrace the silliness! πŸ™‚

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Imagine you’re taking a walk through historical, picturesque and quintessentially New-England-y SALEM, Massachusetts.

It’s almost sunset and shops are about to close, and you fear you might not find the perfect gift for (……..?), or that unique item you were looking for to bring home for yourself! You gaze at the ocean and ponder what to do.


You find yourself in a quiet and cozy area of Salem that you haven’t visited yet. Oh wait, the Hocus Pocus House is just there around the corner…! So it MUST be a magical place…!


While walking around, you find on the street a mysterious note. You almost didn’t notice it at first, but it got stuck to the back of your shoe. It says:


It sounds a bit odd… But you decide to give it a try anyway. What harm can come from this? You face east and say “Nstilla” three times.
Suddenly, the air fills with a thousand sparkling lights. They swirl all around you and they engulf the elegant three story, colonial house at the bottom of the hill. Oh my, the front door is transfiguring into a magical portal…! You feel brave, so you move close to the house to peek through the portal.


You gingerly push the door, that opens with a loud squeaky sound. It’s dark and your eyes don’t really see anything at first. But when they adjust to the darkness, what a magnificent and extravagant display! You are surrounded by shelves and shelves of marvels and oddities. Vials, potions, candles, plants, old books, ancient paintings, china vases, oil lamps, porcelain boxes, feather hats, and much much more. The shelves go up to the ceiling, which is so high you can’t see where it ends. A deep, rich smell of incense fills the air. A soft glow comes from a candelabra sitting in the middle of a small, wooden table. You can hear the gentle sound of an harp coming from somewhere afar.
Suddenly, a Green Witch approaches you. Which, given the situation, seems perfectly appropriate.


Moreover, I’ve bewitched it to feature the first page of the Scarlet Letter, from my dear Salem-born friend Nathaniel. Would you like to meet him? I can summon him… oh, wait, he is far away today for a Dead-Writers Convention, sorry about that.

Here is the wristlet:

BUY – $20 + FREE SHIPPING! – click here




BUY NOW – $20 + FREE SHIPPING! – click here

The wristlet is 8.5*5 inches; it’s soft to the touch but looks sturdy at the same time. It has two different images on its two sides. It comes with a practical strap. Your phone fits perfectly inside.
– Will any type of phone fit in it? – you ask.
– Well, even with my magic, which is very very powerful, I can’t predict how big the next Android or Iphone contraption will be. But I can say that it fits the majority of phones.
– You convinced me! I buy 10 of them! For all my family!
– As you wish!
After that, you spend many hours in the company of the Witch, who enlightens you about the deepest and most meaningful secrets of life and death. You don’t even know how much time you have spent with her, until she says: I must go. She blows out the candles on the wooden table and then disappears.
You leave the house and it’s very bright outside. Is it morning? Afternoon? Who knows. You slowly walk away from the house, wondering what happened to you exactly.
You won’t forget about today, ever.




*** In real life, we manage Nstilla from the colonial house you see in the picture, but we don’t have a storefront and we are not equipped to meet there any customers***

***but if you say the Spell and the MAGIC BOUTIQUE appears.. well, if I were you, I would get inside***

***We are not affiliated with the Hocus Pocus franchise whatsover. But we always say Hi to the lovely couple who lives in the house while we walk our dog, so hopefully they won’t mind that we used a picture of their house for this story πŸ™‚ ***


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