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Morgana’s Journey

is an on-going line that we have been designing and selling since 2016, with updates and new products every year.

It’s designed by Valentina and Paola, both – clearly – Italian. Valentina is Nstilla creative director and fashion designer, while Paola collaborates with Nstilla, and she’s a cartoonist based in Como, Italy. You can check a list of Paola’s published books here.

Valentina – The very first idea I had when I launched my company in 2016, was to create a print inspired by the movie “Roman Holiday”, which is one of my favorite movies. I wanted it to be fun and colorful, to make you want to leave everything – but your bag! – and book a trip. I though of a character, that I named Morgana, in vacation in Europe, scootering around the city of Rome at dawn. The collection has then developed into illustrations and graphics that celebrate traveling, journaling, and scrapbooking.

Since then, Morgana has been developed in different prints and illustrations.



“Scootering around” wristlet

“I love Coffee” wristlet

The ROMEntic wallet

“Morgana’s Journey” purse




Is it Summer yet?

is designed by Valentina and Maria, painter of Russian origins, based in Massachusetts. Check Maria’s website here.

This line reflects a very basic and common need: to “carry” summer with you all year round. Here’s how it was born:

Valentina – If there is something that symbolizes summer, to me, is an open window. Hearing the sounds from the outside, like of people eating around the table, dogs barking, seagulls at day and crickets at night. The heat coming in from the outside. The light. But also staying at the window. I remember, during college, seating at the open window of my room facing the beautiful Trieste’s gulf, and reading (Harry Potter, specifically). Or hanging laundry. Or simply contemplating.

I envisioned windows floating on a clear, summer day landscape. I knew that Maria would share that vision with me. Maria hand-painted each single window you see, that I then photographed and used to create the motif.

Then, the beach. That place you swear you’ll go more often this season, and then you either have to work, or it rains every weekend. I wanted to carry the beach with me on my bag. I wanted a calm, relaxing place, with pastel colors that at the same time relates to the sea and sand, but also to a yummy summer ice-cream.


Maria – One cold, snowy winter afternoon Valentina approached me with the idea of creating a summer collection. I was delighted to hear that! The thought of working on such a theme was extremely welcome that gloomy cold day; what could be better than imagining bright sunshine, soothing gentle breeze by the sea, warm soft sand, beautiful scenes and thinking of just relaxing summer? Well, with the exception of actually going to a warm place right that moment 🙂 As we were discussing the new collection and windows, I drifted away in my mind to pretty coastal towns, beautiful colors, flowers, fresh sea air and thought, “how nice it would be to open that window right now and let in summer warmth, fragrances and sounds”. But of course it was a cold winter day and opening a window would not bring such pleasant sensations 🙂 Then I remembered walking along a narrow street one summer in such a picturesque coastal town where many windows were open and as passing by I couldn’t help overhearing sounds coming out from windows, sometimes music, sometimes people conversing or singing, sometimes laughing, sometimes mom calling kids for dinner 🙂 Those sounds, along with the sound of gentle waves crushing at the shore, smells of flowers and deep blues and turquoises of the sky and water filled the air with a perfect feeling of summer warmth, fun and relaxation.
I started working on images for the collection thinking of those scenes, colors and as if by magic, all the winter gloom disappeared. I believe “Is it summer yet?” will cheer up anyone year round!


“is it summer yet” is a collection to wear all 4 seasons: “summer”, “still summer”, “I wish it was summer”, and “almost summer!”


“The Riviera” wristlet

“Summer Windows” wristlet

The “is it summer yet?” wallet

“Open Windows” cross-body purse


A Year in the Village

This line comes from Valentina’s dreams and fantasies of a simpler life and an idyllic place lost in time.

Valentina – When I was a kid, there was an illustration around my house depicting a winter village. It had little houses, people skating, a clear sky, cute shops. I spent so much time fantasizing how it would be to live there – life would be so marvelous and perfect and simple, like inside a snowball. Through the years, I tried to find again that exact same image, unsuccessfully. Was it the cover of a book? Was it a cookies tin box? I’ll never know. But I’ve decided to create images that give me the same feeling, of an idyllic place where you’d like to live and everything would just be perfect, and always go your way.

A Year in the Village purse

A Year in the Village tote




Our favorite pieces from the 2017 collection:






Our favorite pieces from the 2016 collection:

all_totesNstilla_tote_1_smallinsieme_pochette_2 - Copy



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